When 140 Characters Isn't Enough

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That Burn is Crusty

Text - Joe B NOTHING IS REALLY LOST UNTIL YOUR MOM CAN'T FIND IT. Jnlke Comment Share Wednesday at 11:41pm You and 9 others lke this. Shaun What about your virginity? Wednesday at 11:50pm Unlke 1 Connie B dirty socks... 17 hours ago Unlke 43 in his bedroom..under the ple of Joe B 40 minutes ago Like damn mom
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Perfap Attendance

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Desperate Times and Measures

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The Way to Her Heart

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Your Lingo is No Match to Mom's Google Skills

Text - Sara OH MA GAAAAAAAAAAAWD FAP FAP FAP FAP FAP 28 minutes ago Lke Comment Shaun likes this. Margaret 25 minutes ago Like 222 MOTHER Awkward. Hi mum. Sara 24 minutes ago Like Margaret 23 minutes ago Like hahaha Im just excited 'tis all. Sara 23 minutes ago Like Margaret Dictionary:) 18 minutes ago Like I have just checked the word FAP" in the Urban Oh dear. Awkward"crickets Sara a few seconds ago Like
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You Can Really Chafe Watching All That Television, You Know?

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The Winner, Hands Down

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They Have a Real Close, Tight Bond

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There Goes a Brave, Hearty Soul

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A Politician is Crying "HAX!" After Someone Notices He's Following Adult Movie Star Belle Knox on Twitter

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We All Learned Something That Day

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Mom Discovers the Internet

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Nobody Bothered to Double Check This Hashtag

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Adolescent Boys Are the Most Desperate Kinds of People. Witness:

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They'll Come After the Parrots Next!

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