It's Just You and Me, Palmy

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Created by Zenwarrior

We All Learned Something That Day

fap accidental sexy for sale free stuff pr0n - 8307230976
Created by mysdimenor

Missionaries Do It Door to Door

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Created by obehave_wan

There Goes a Brave, Hearty Soul

fap Overshare pr0n - 8271596288
Via Reddit

Desperate Times and Measures

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Created by Unknown

Welcome to FapBurger Home of the FapBurger...

fap whoops Probably bad News pr0n - 8398759168
Via Brown Cardigan

I'm Gonna Go 'Head and Pass on This Party

forever alone fap - 6854259200
Created by Unknown

The Great Classics of Wanker Civilization

fap lit literature - 6453852928
Created by Kaela

Adolescent Boys Are the Most Desperate Kinds of People. Witness:

Via The Sourpuss

The Winner, Hands Down

dating fap hand hands relationships - 6496194304
Created by Austin

The Way to Her Heart

fap relationship status your friends are laughing at you - 5796847104
Created by jolowi

Perfap Attendance

burn failbook fap fapping school spam student wanking - 6296639488
Created by Unknown

Challenge Accepted

fap twitter - 6497392128
Created by Unknown

When 140 Characters Isn't Enough

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Created by alspawn

BRB, Going to the Moon

school fap embarrassing oh god why - 8301038592
Via Awkward Messages

Spank You Very Much

crazy fap fapping - 6390821120
Created by ReverendKyle
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