Magic Vibe

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By Unknown

"Oh Boy, I Hope the Pizza Guy Isn't Late!"

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They'll Come After the Parrots Next!

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They Have a Real Close, Tight Bond

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When 140 Characters Isn't Enough

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By alspawn

BRB, Going to the Moon

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The Replay Value Could Use Some Work Though, You Gotta Give it a Minute

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We Can't Go Back Home, Not After This

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A Politician is Crying "HAX!" After Someone Notices He's Following Adult Movie Star Belle Knox on Twitter

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Accepting Applications

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By Why_Do_My_Friends_Have_a_FB?

I'm Gonna Go 'Head and Pass on This Party

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By Unknown

That Burn is Crusty

Text - Joe B NOTHING IS REALLY LOST UNTIL YOUR MOM CAN'T FIND IT. Jnlke Comment Share Wednesday at 11:41pm You and 9 others lke this. Shaun What about your virginity? Wednesday at 11:50pm Unlke 1 Connie B dirty socks... 17 hours ago Unlke 43 in his bedroom..under the ple of Joe B 40 minutes ago Like damn mom
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Fanta and Pepsi?

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He Died Doing What He Loved

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Never Change, Ms. Akira

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Mom Discovers the Internet

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By Unknown
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