A Gem of a Comment

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By Unknown

Religion 101

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By dbflyo

Success Kid Is Now Jesus Kid

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By Unknown

It's the Only Time They're Not Talking About Semen

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By Unknown

What About the Basics?

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By Unknown

There We Go, Problem Solved

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By Unknown

Why Churches Don't Use Electricity or Magnets

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By Unknown

Never Stick Your Mind in Crazy

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By MoralDilemmas

Time to Rewrite the Ten Commandments

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By Unknown

Jesus Didn't Buy American

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By Unknown

If Little Wafers of Bread Are the Body of Jesus, Then Chocolate Chip Cookies Are the Body of God

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By Unknown

He Hit The Nail On The Head

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By wHoReY_MaNsEn (Via Twitter)

Bible Knowledge FAIL

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By jwissick
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