Pest Control Wars

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Created by SynthMyst

Facebook Etiquette

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Did You Remember to Wear Your Santanblock Today?

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Created by mtrichardson

And I Thought Getting Nailed to a Cross by Your HANDS Was Bad Enough ...

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How to Win Easy Money and Make the World a Better Place at the Same Time

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God Commas Are Confusing Too

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There We Go, Problem Solved

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Never Stick Your Mind in Crazy

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Created by MoralDilemmas

Success Kid Is Now Jesus Kid

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Have You Shown Token Appreciation for Your Lord and Savior Yet Today?

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A Believer

Darwin faith jesus religion science - 6517235712

Time to Rewrite the Ten Commandments

christianity faith fight club religion tweet twitter - 6376034048

Have You Heard the Good News?

faith religion science - 6402292736

Jesus Didn't Buy American

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He Hit The Nail On The Head

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Created by wHoReY_MaNsEn ( Via Twitter )

Bible Knowledge FAIL

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Created by jwissick
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