Such a Passion for Dachshunds

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By Unknown

This Picture of a Dog With Ham on Its Head Asking for Prayers Has Over 100,00 Facebook Shares

funny facebook troll pray for dog with ham face
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We Were All THinking the Same Thing

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By Brandon Holmes

One Pup, Pup for Sale!

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By Xero

Dog Food

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By musicman1188

Buds, Beers, and Bones, What More do You Need?

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By Unknown

Leo's Good

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Your Mom

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By Unknown

"A Mix Between a Lion and a Wolf"

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There's Always That One Person in Your Friends List...

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By Beezy

A Pokémon GO Success Story

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Dog Cop, Reporting for Duty!

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Lookin' Fresh, Milk Dog

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Well That Escalated Quickly

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By ArisFlackerbee

Just Like That, Photo Magic!

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By mrfalkner

Strong, Independent Dogs

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