The Birth of an American, Complete With a Call to CPS

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It's a Doggystyle World...

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By bulbasir

Well That Escalated Quickly

dogs well that escalated quickly relationships dating breakups - 7876990976
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Instead of "Poke" It's "Piss," for Territorial Reasons

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You Have Bigger Problems Than the Storm

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Honor FAIL

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Dogs Change Their Profile Pictures To Rainbow Too

dogs, gay marriage, profile pic, good boy
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You're Going to do WHAT With Those Dogs?

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We Take Our Dog Watching Very Seriously Around Here

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Terry Shipman Wanted to See if His Dogs Could Get as Many Retweets as Ellen's Celebs. He's Already at 60,000 and Counting.

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Strong, Independent Dogs

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Dog Cop, Reporting for Duty!

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Move Along, Only Awkwardness Here

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Be Inspired

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Why. Why Would You Do That to Your Dog.

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