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Creepy Signs That Make Their Message Clear

Thanks, signs.
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Somehow the Driver Failed to See the Irony in This:

cars texting irony dangerous failbook - 8264266752
Via AmerikanInfidel

The Leap of Faith Wouldn't be so Scary if You Had Asbestos by Your Side

asbestos philosophy dangerous weird - 8381765888
Via Asbestos Removal Memes

Way to Keep All of Our Insurance Rates Up

cars driving dangerous - 8217786368
By MichaelWR90


bad idea dangerous really strangers - 3264750848
By sparklezz3

Natural Selection in Motion

bad idea cars Overshare dangerous - 8375652608
By cant_think_of_username

Driving is Exactly Like Riding a Bike, a Bike That Can Kill Pedestrians

cars driving dangerous - 8085532928
Via Reddit

An Evening Encounter

dangerous lol race relations status update - 4412034048
By Unknown

They're in for a Real Shock

bad idea shocked dangerous - 8400592640
Via Enryu
Twitter thread about girl's allergic reaction to grasswheat

Hilarious Twitter Thread On A Girl's Allergic Reaction To Grass/Wheat

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Yeah, Forget All Those OTHER People on the Road!

cars safety dangerous - 8350220032
Via btl_str_6

Ninety Miles an Hour of NOPE

cars bad idea dangerous - 8224925696
Via ObieUno


bad idea dangerous driving no more please - 3627842816
By Unknown

That's Probably Even Worse Than Texting

cars driving dangerous facetime - 8244256512
Via belfaj26
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