Staying Alive

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Bright Lights, Big City, Bigger Knife

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Driving is Exactly Like Riding a Bike, a Bike That Can Kill Pedestrians

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The Last Facebook Post You'll Ever Make

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Gun Discipline, This is Not

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unfair jobs and moments that made people go "screw this, I'm out." | CONFETA 1 day ago S E 2 at yearly review former boss hyped up giving 0.10 raise and praised good team leader asked about management position had opened up at store sent fix, she told she couldn't stand lose permanently another store turned my two week notice and moved on.

Times People Said "Screw This" And Noped On Out

Sometimes enough is enough.
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facebook post explaining how to leave an abusive partner

A Vital Facebook Post On How To Safely Leave An Abusive Partner

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That's Probably Even Worse Than Texting

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Twitter thread about girl's allergic reaction to grasswheat

Hilarious Twitter Thread On A Girl's Allergic Reaction To Grass/Wheat

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Yeah, Forget All Those OTHER People on the Road!

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Ninety Miles an Hour of NOPE

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As if Driving With Your Legs Wasn't Bad Enough...

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wtf safety failures | exposed electrical cord glowing | person working on the bottom of a car while it's being kept hanging in the air with just a rope

OSHA-Unapproved Moments Of Safety Failure

"Nah, it'll be fine."
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The Leap of Faith Wouldn't be so Scary if You Had Asbestos by Your Side

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Natural Selection in Motion

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