Knowing Why Probably Just Makes It Worse

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Block, then Run Away as Fast as Possible

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This Isn't Creepy or Weird at All

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unfair jobs and moments that made people go "screw this, I'm out." | CONFETA 1 day ago S E 2 at yearly review former boss hyped up giving 0.10 raise and praised good team leader asked about management position had opened up at store sent fix, she told she couldn't stand lose permanently another store turned my two week notice and moved on.

Times People Said "Screw This" And Noped On Out

Sometimes enough is enough.
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Don't Ask What Pooh Collects From His Enemies

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How's the Eavesdropping Treating You?

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Not Sure if Romantic or Creepy

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One Guy's Walk in the Woods Lead Him to a Super Creepy Discovery

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Face Book

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A Twitter thread about a woman's encounter with terrible, creepy guy | SaraSuze @tragedythyme quick reminder men: Common events can turn into really scary situations women snap. Case point: This week listed clothes dryer on Letgo app. Because dryer neutral meeting location impractical needed taken out my house

Twitter Thread: Woman Tries To Sell Clothes Dryer, Mega Creep Shows Up

Hopefully that guy got caught.
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There's Celebrity Obsession, Then There's... This

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PROTIP for the Ladies: Cut Your Hair!

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