Kent Fire and Rescue Wants You to Keep Your Demented Hellbeast Children Safe

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And Bullets Are Just Pieces of Metal That Put You in Jail

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Face Book

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Everyone Deserves to Have Access to the Mysterious Hell Cave

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warning signs that are weird and scary | STATE LAW STOP PEDESTRIANS CROSSWALK POSITIVE RABIES ALERT NOTICE | WARNING Stay off fountain, Fire feature center will start without notice.

Creepy Warning Signs That Mean Serious Business

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sad, painful and unhappy facts | SmallAndScarred 5 days ago Bus seats are designed so cannot tell dirty they really are.

Un-Fun Facts to Quote Around Respected Colleagues

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Open Up Your Heart AND Your Boots

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Inquiring Minds Want to Know

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Keep It In Your Pants, Calvin

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warning signs that are very scary | KEEP CLEAR UNEXPLODED BOMB | don't be here after dark

Creepy Signs That Make Their Message Clear

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Well, You Have Seven Days Left

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She Might Be Into You

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