Cookies are life. Especially if you're Cookie Monster. Take a dip and a nice big bite of these delicious cookie puns and jokes.

Someone Has Some Explaining to Do...

busted cookies oh snap technology - 4842858752
Created by nventi

Cookies Enabled

cookies facebook status witty status - 5447531264
Created by Unknown

Mrs. Gingerbread Man Has No Reason to Wander

dude parts accidental sexy cookies - 8501044224
Created by wcd9973

Think About Life. Eat More Cookies.

cookies crying keyboard - 6870265600
Created by Unknown

Trigintuple-Stuffed Oreos

candy cookies cream oreo Oreos - 6413708800
Created by Unknown

Karma's a Female Dog

cookies dogs karma - 6599215872
Created by Unknown

Conflict of Interest

weight loss fitness exercise cookies conflict of interest - 4978070272
Created by fluhhh

Give Me ALL the Thin Mints. ALL OF THEM.

Via Brown Cardigan

Hide and Excrete

cookies coworkers work - 6373068288
Created by Friesian

If Little Wafers of Bread Are the Body of Jesus, Then Chocolate Chip Cookies Are the Body of God

cookies failbook faith g rated god religion - 6346241024
Created by Unknown

Aww shucks!

twitter social media cookies - 8804766464
Via AssEater247

The Horror!

spiders wtf Oreos cookies failbook - 7105954048
Created by NouraP

We Will Not Settle for Tagalongs in This House

Via Acid Cow


cause and effect cookies kitchen pictures - 3674374144
Created by Unknown

Cookies Are Hard, Let's Ask a Friend

baking facepalm food cookies failbook - 8317782784
Created by Unknown

You'll Never See These Starbucks Polar Bear Cookies the Same Again

funny fail image you can't unsee Starbucks Polar Bear cookies with slit throats
Via fugaziozbourne
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