Meanwhile, Nutjobs Think The Dress Was a Government Conspiracy

government conspiracy facepalm the dress failbook g rated - 8454234880
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Listen Everybody, Courtney Love Has this Plane Disappearance on Lock

conspiracy facebook celeb failbook g rated - 8110770176
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Someone is Going to Need to Clear Their Browser History Soon

conspiracy blue waffle gross prank failbook g rated - 8372395776
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Has Science Gone too Far? Y/N?

barack obama conspiracy ebola lizard failbook - 8361308672
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Your Phone: The Newest Disease Vector

conspiracy ebola science phone - 8340096256
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Don't You Hate it When That Happens?

twitter conspiracy rap tupac failbook - 8371482624
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GMOs Are a Lot of Things, But They're Not This

conspiracy gmo food - 8175258624
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Apparently Africa Doesn't Count?

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Pro Tip: Everything Has Arsenic in it

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Do They Also Know I'm a Ravenclaw?

NSA FBI conspiracy failbook g rated - 8382738432
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Yeah? Well, 690,420 People Die From Dank Memes Every Year!

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It's Almost as if the Science is Way More Complicated Than That, or Something!

medicine conspiracy facepalm cancer science - 8438122496
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For the Record: Yes, People Believe This

obamacare affordable care act conspiracy politics - 8175256832
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This Just in: Kate Middleton's Uterus Can't Melt Steel Beams

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Wait, Does Israel Have a Weather-Controlling Machine?

religion conspiracy what barack obama Israel - 8438119936
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The Real Conspiracy is How People Like This Survive Day to Day Life

911 america conspiracy facepalm - 8372389632
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