This Guy is CLEARLY too Cool and Edgy for Facebook

conspiracy weather edgy failbook - 8032174080
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Happiness: Just Another Liberal Gay Conspiracy!

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Was Kubrick Involved With This One too?

nasa conspiracy - 8376103168
By pbeverley82

How Can So Much Idiot Fit in One Man?

conspiracy facepalm Japan technology - 4554736128
By Philip Kim

I Think We're All Disappointed By This One

jim carrey, vaccination, disappointment, conspiracy
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Don't Hold Out on Us, UK!

conspiracy ebola medicine - 8416664832
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Obama Playing That Long Game

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Big Brother Paranoia FAIL

conspiracy facepalm gps stupid - 4532501760
By Unknown

Never Mind the Kids and the Happy Marriage and All That

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Here We Go With the Nonsense Again

conspiracy moon landing satire the onion - 8263261952
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Yeah? Well, 690,420 People Die From Dank Memes Every Year!

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"404" is a Secret Government Project, Right?

conspiracy facepalm chem trails - 8368643328
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The President Doesn't Even Care About Android Users

barack obama conspiracy iPhones - 8240705024
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Who Needs Context When You Have Outrage?

barack obama conspiracy context politics - 8416664576
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That Escalated a Little Quickly

conspiracy facebook friend request failbook - 8341545728
By k3lsey

Facebook Suggestions Say More Than We Ever Could

illuminati conspiracy coincidence - 8414881024
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