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Some Customers Can't Handle a Truly Metal Cup of Coffee

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Ah Yes, "Coffee Shrimp"

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Catch it in Your Face!

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Tumblr thread on customers crazy coffee orders | say this jokingly but had customer actually order pumpkin spice latte with 9 shots espresso (also no whip) and asked her verify she did indeed want 9 shots espresso she looked dead eyes and said have 5 kids" witchcraft-with-space-bean once had woman come and ordered an Americano with 19 shots espresso drink took ages held up line asked

Tumblr Thread: Customers' Mythically Powerful Coffee Orders

It's some kind of monster.
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It's Getting Steamy In Here

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Things Went From Decent to Weird

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Facebook: Sabotaging Your Goals One Gift Card at a Time

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I Wish I Could Like This Twice

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Sorry, Curtis.

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Quite a Latte Puns

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Starbucks Unveils Their New Green Holiday Cup, and People Are Triggered

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The Key Here is Free Coffee

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We're On to You, Bob

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You Want Some Splenda With Your Awkcchiato?

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Don't Be a Meanface, Andrew!

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