Start and End

chat joke oh snap - 5850848256
By Unknown


chat listen to your friends - 3620644096
By Unknown

Oh SH-

busted chat lol oops pr0n technology - 4792176384
By Unknown

And Now You're Blind, So It Doesn't Matter

A Failbook Guide to Trolling chat troll unsee - 4599189760
By Unknown

Bad Day ---> Great Day

chat relationships sexy time - 4469014784
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Behind the Scenes: Facebook's Latest Chat Update

chat comic facebook google - 4994925312
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High Bye

chat high lol rhyming - 4539342080
By Jake

Very Horny

chat lol - 5024413952
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"Social Notworking"

chat comic facebook myspace - 5011939840
Via Hejibits

Timing Troll

chat timing trololo - 4925002752
By wii6044

Sorry to Be Tardy to the Party

facebook chat chat - 7003734016
By Unknown
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