And Now You're Blind, So It Doesn't Matter

A Failbook Guide to Trolling chat troll unsee - 4599189760
Created by Unknown

Stop Winking and Tell Me!

chat facepalm trololo - 5748754432
Created by Traffic_cone

Why- Ohhh...

chat pr0n thats-why - 4953679360
Created by Unknown

Very Horny

chat lol - 5024413952
Created by Unknown

Dirty Talk

Dirty talk on Omegle with a stranger takes on a classic toilet riddle.
Created by Izzy Mathers


anonymous chat sad trombone the internets - 3115857664
Created by Failure4Hire

High Bye

chat high lol rhyming - 4539342080
Created by Jake

Missing the Point

chat facepalm parents spelling - 4441155584
Created by gatoman101

Who Cares About the Rest of Your Life?

chat little people - 5286233088
Created by Wetzel

How to Fix the New Facebook Chat in Two Easy Steps

chat pro tip - 5015906560
Created by Unknown

Fry on Facebook Chat

chat fry meme - 4970167040
Created by Unknown


chat oops romance sexy times - 3176651520
Created by Harhh

I Don't Want to Game on This Planet Anymore

chat gaming minecraft video games - 6083571456
Created by Scott Shipley

Birthday Boy

customer service, chat, birthday, awkward
Via jstovelb

That's Probably Why You Stopped Talking To Them Before

chat friends meme - 5387531776
Created by Unknown

Little Red Riding Hood: Special Edition

chat Portal star wars win - 5653985280
Created by Unknown
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