You've Been Put on Burn Notice

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What Will the Circus Be Without This Clown?

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How Does That Exposure Feel?

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Where to, Boss?

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Feel Free to Crawl Back into the Hole You Came From

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Here's the Internet's Reaction to Obama's Improvised Burn at Yesterday's SOTU

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What Has Stephen Hawking Ever Done for US, Hmmm?

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Built-In Gun Control

Text - amen to this one GUNS DON'T KILL PEOPLE DADS WITH PRETTY DAUGHTERS KILL PEOPLE. Wall Photos By: DailyMunch Like Comment- Share 4 hours ago 3 people like this dad won't have to kill no one lol hours ago via mobile Like failbook.commment
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Facebook Has Really Changed You, Doris

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This Message Brought to You By Carrier Pigeon

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A Man-Centric Twitter Account Tried to Shame This Guy's Wedding Pics, and He Responds Perfectly

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Oh, Canada...

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Burning in Pompeii

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Keep Your Similes in Check, Friend

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You're Going to Say This About the "Sport" With Giant Hats, Tiny Flamboyant Jockeys and Ridiculous Bets?

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Activist Janet Mock Gets Disrespected on Piers Morgan's Show and Responds Deliciously

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