Easter is Getting Real This Year

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Wait a Minute...

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Nobody Suspects the Reverse Image Search

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A Citizen's Arrest Against the Grammar Police

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What Do You Think This is, a Stupid Factory?

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What Shape Does a Burn Have?


Cher Has Zero Chill

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Even a Dork Needs a Lucky Charm

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There's Two Sides to Every Breakup Story. Two Embarrassing, Cringe-Worthy Sides

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There Isn't Enough Ice in the World...

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Too Cute

Text - Husband and wife about an hour ago via mobile Would you like to go out with me tonight? Like Comment Unfollow Post See Friendship ikes this. I would love to! Pick you up at 5? about an hour ago Like 1 Losers 28 minutes ago via mobile Like Meaniel Just cuz you don't have a Friday night date! 5 minutes ago via mobile Like I do actually! We have reservations at 7 4 minutes ago via mobile Like You and miles? I think Petsmart closes at 6 2 minutes ago via mobile Unlike 1 Gonna need some ointme
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Your Feng Shui Would Have Killed This Relationship

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What Did You Expect to Hear?

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Burnt to a Crisp

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spelling error makes life is spelling test
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When You Rhyme This Well You Don't NEED to Rhyme

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