Nobody Suspects the Reverse Image Search

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Reflect on Your Poor Life Choices, Please

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Burn Accomplished. Pack it Up, Boys.

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You'd Think I Was a Volcano Eruption the Way I'm Dishin' Out Burns

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Maturity Required, Thick Skin Optional

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How to Spot an Australian Online

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There Aren't Enough Z-Snaps in the World for This Comeback

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Google Image Search IS a Great Christmas Gift

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No Context Required, Just Revel in That Burn

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This Just in: Nobody Cares About Your Opinion!

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Even His Parents Are Tired of This Nonsense

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Hookup Denied!

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Too Little Too Late

Text - Roger 11 hours ago via mobile Time to watch some Netflix and take off my pants. It's the little things in life. Lol. Like Comment Unfollow Post 12 people like this Lindsay 10 hours ago Like 7 you see the little things in life alot when you take off your pants? Mikel I've heard that about him... 10 hours ago via mobile Like 2 Roger or the fact that everyone liked her comment. Well played everyone. Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for my penis reduction surgery. about an hour ago via mobil
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Burning in Pompeii

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A Nice, Cool Glass of OUCH

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Customer Service? In New York? Get Outta Here!

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