Too Cute

Text - Husband and wife about an hour ago via mobile Would you like to go out with me tonight? Like Comment Unfollow Post See Friendship ikes this. I would love to! Pick you up at 5? about an hour ago Like 1 Losers 28 minutes ago via mobile Like Meaniel Just cuz you don't have a Friday night date! 5 minutes ago via mobile Like I do actually! We have reservations at 7 4 minutes ago via mobile Like You and miles? I think Petsmart closes at 6 2 minutes ago via mobile Unlike 1 Gonna need some ointme
By jakeblade9

Daddy Doesn't Care

dad doesn't care burn because he doesn't
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Let's Stay Together

Awkward burn shot down relationships - 8196339200
By Moo

Activist Janet Mock Gets Disrespected on Piers Morgan's Show and Responds Deliciously

lgbtq Piers Morgan twitter news burn - 8042722048
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Instagram Playboy Dan Bilzerian Skips Leg Day and the Bros Give Him Hell for it

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When Not to Text

funeral texting burn failbook g rated - 8414878976
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What Has Stephen Hawking Ever Done for US, Hmmm?

wrong science burn stephen hawking failbook - 8434547200
By sillypoopmachine

What the English Will Never Admit About Their Tea Obsession

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Apply Cold Water to That Burn

fire burn failbook g rated - 6982222080
By hellonene

Can I Buy a Vowel?

clever comment spelling burn failbook g rated - 8448811776
By Charlotte Evans

Closed Casket Due to Burn Disfiguration

sick burn burn - 4690937600
By Unknown

Even the Divine Creator is Like, "LMGTFY"

religion burn google failbook g rated - 8493216512
By Jen

Candy and Race Relations

candy deep thoughts Awkward burn failbook - 8408721664
By Roy Bishop

Watch Out, That Burn Might Get Infected

Text - minutes ago without the ugly in this world, there would be nothing beautiful Share kes this Thank you for your sacrifice 3 minutes ago List of burn centers in the United States-Wikipedia, the free WIKIMEDIA encyclopedia project This is a List of burn centers in the United States. A burn center or burns unit is a hospital specializing in the treatment of burns. a few seconds ago
By Unknown

Macklemore May Have Stepped Over the Line With This Costume, but Seth Rogen Has the Best Burn in Response

twitter Seth Rogen Macklemore burn - 8193394432
Via Seth Rogen

Sick Burn, Bro

burn shirt sick burn bro - 6443120896
By Unknown
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