Birthday Greetings From Those You Love!

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Returning the Burn

Sky - Will Like Comment -Share Friday at 11:20am 2 people like this. Nice sunset, did you post this while you were Troy waiting to see your gynecologist? 23 minutes ago Like 1 Will Haha. Nice 3 minutes ago Like Will Actually it's where your wife and I are planning to vacation to.... 2 minutes ago Like Write a comment...
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I Accept Your Exception

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Even a Dork Needs a Lucky Charm

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It's ALWAYS a Contest

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Yeah But Neither of Them Have Oscars Either...

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Pack it Up, There's No Better Way to Get Back at Your Boss

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You Just Don't Understand How ~Deep~ This is

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Instagram: Not Just for Your Food Pictures Anymore

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2. I Like the G1 Ponies Better

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To Be Fair, She Could Stand to Lose a Few Pounds

Text - 25 May via Mobile So I've decided I need to do something to get over my irrational fear of whales, any ideas? Like Comment Go swimmin with 1?? Haha! X 25 May at 23:31 Like :O what if it eats me?? :(lol! 25 May at 23:37 via Mobile Like | Then ur fecked! Ahaa! Just kiddin don't swim with 1 ur fears ok its not asif ur gunna walk past 1 in town! Cud be worse u could be scared off buttons :/looool 25 May at 23:39 Like | Haha yeah :) 25 May at 23:45 via Mobile Like IStop looking in the mirror.

A Real Sensitive Guy

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Your Feng Shui Would Have Killed This Relationship

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This Message Brought to You By Carrier Pigeon

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