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You Can't Patch Stupid

apps facepalm ouch failbook g rated - 8416657664
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It's Official, Android Users Are Supporting Terrorism

apps america terrorists - 8319549952
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The Tender Reality of Tinder

FAIL tinder apps rejection social media dating - 8591474176
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Why Can't My Phone Perform CPR?

phones apps failbook g rated - 8159687168
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apps listen to your friends oh snap witty comebacks your friends are laughing at you - 4266400512
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Pack it Up, Find a New Planet

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Here's an App to Help With Your Ice Cream-Eating Skills, or Something

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ROY G BIV is the Synthesizer That Answers the Question "What Sound Does the Color of My Lunch Make?"

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Cloak is the Perfect App for Avoiding Everyone You Never Want to Talk to Ever Again

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Finally, a Keyboard That Reduces All Human Interaction to Three-Letter Words

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If You Need Social Media to Know That You Care After a Tragedy, You Need This App

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He is the One the Jobs Prophecy Predicted

apps phone web comics failbook g rated - 8326342400
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Guy's Crazy Tinder Match Will Send Cringe Chills Down Your Spine

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You Know What Emoji Needed More of? NEWMAN!

emoji apps seinfeld failbook g rated - 8264291584
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