You're Faced Down With This Choice: How Quickly do You Close the Browser Tab?

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Watch This Mom Perfectly Use Snapchat Filters To Hilariously Nail a Horrible Annoying Customer Experience

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Let He Who is Without Food Pics Throw the First Shade

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14 People Who Just Need to Shut Up on Facebook

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common idioms and sayings that are untrue | Smile-Fearless 2 days ago edited 1 day ago 4 4 More "If don't succeed first time, try try again had fourth grade teacher COMPLETELY against this saying. Her reasoning if doing wrong? Then just continue do wrong until give up out frustration. So, she preferred say "Keep trying different ways until get right".

Classic Sayings That Are Kind Of Wrong

Maybe we're due for an update.
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I Hate it When That Happens!

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Push Notifications? Fine. Amber Alerts? No Way.

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Re: Your Hat

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Why Wouldn't You Want Friends Like These?

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My Dinner With Andrea

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When Can We Get This Feature?

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The Default Setting on Every Phone Screen

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When Ruining Photos Isn't Enough, Now Your Annoying Boyfriend is Ruining Your Snap Stories

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Clearly Someone Just Loves Butt Stuff With Satan

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Deus Ex iMachina

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