My Dinner With Andrea

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Guy live-tweets the funny video results of people's reactions to airpot power outlet prank.

Guy Live-Tweets Video Results of Cruel Power Outlet Prank on People at Airport

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Martin Shkreli Is Staging an Auction to Let One Very Lucky Person Punch Him in the Face, and the Internet's Already Fired Up

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14 People Who Just Need to Shut Up on Facebook

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The Default Setting on Every Phone Screen

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Please. Please Stop Talking.

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Feng Shui is All About Annoying Chain Mail Shares

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Why Wouldn't You Want Friends Like These?

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Re: Your Hat

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You're Faced Down With This Choice: How Quickly do You Close the Browser Tab?

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When Can We Get This Feature?

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Oh, So That Makes You a Joffrey, Right?

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Share If You're Being Asked to Share This!

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Push Notifications? Fine. Amber Alerts? No Way.

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