America, the NeoLiberQualiQuestriTarian Paradise

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America Votes by Text

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Meanwhile, in a Right-Wing Fantasy Dystopia...

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Take Note, America!

St Patrick's Day gas prices america election - 6725927168
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The Conspiracy for Your News Begins and Ends With DISH

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It's Official, Android Users Are Supporting Terrorism

apps america terrorists - 8319549952
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They've ALL Failed in Some Way

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By Unknown

Maybe Time Lords Wrote the Constitution...

religion history america constitution failbook - 8465339392

America: Eating Fast Food to Prepare for Eating Fast Food

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By Unknown

Someone's Felt the Bern a Little Too Long and They Are Crunchy Now

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American Flag: Do the Math

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It's the North Pole

Canada united states america geography states funny us states - 4937714944

It's Like Christmas in America Again!

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If Only Freedom Translated to World Cup Victory...

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Vacation: It Isn't Just for Smart People

Hawaii america geography countries vacation - 4980613888
By Siegfried

Political Discourse for Those With Permanent Brain Damage: A Facebook Story

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