The USA on Facebook: From History to Today

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Hey, an Idiot Finally Cracked the Code!

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Paranoid, Much?

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Guess the State!

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Canada: America's Quiet, Cooler Sibling

Text - the-random-thought-caravan: apocalypse-aradia glorious-randomness: anderlynn I always think of Canada as the lovechild of England and France after they had a drunken one night stand and England just left it to grow up with its big brother America who was like the rebel of the family this is 100% definitely what happened. and canada wanted to be exactly like america but ended up being the nicer one who makes friends with everyone easily trudat 194,248 notes
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Life in the World Apartment

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Established 1776

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If This Post Gets One Thousand Likes, Pandora Will Probably Do Something About It Maybe

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It's Almost Like They're a Part of a Giant Retail Chain...

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They've ALL Failed in Some Way

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Meanwhile, in a Right-Wing Fantasy Dystopia...

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Tom Brady for 2016!

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Welcome to America

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What the English Will Never Admit About Their Tea Obsession

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If Only Freedom Translated to World Cup Victory...

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Kaley Cuoco Forced to Issue an Apology Because the Internet Has No Chill

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