Please Tell Me You're Trolling

Canada trolling geography states us states failbook g rated - 7340604416
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Take THAT, Canadians!

Canada christmas what sweater - 8397961984
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Ohhh, Canada

Canada Harry Potter failbook g rated - 6965781760
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Canada haters gonna hate politics - 82667009

Canada’s Justin Trudeau Responds To Internet Haters

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Canadian Pride Makes This Vaccination Rant Even Better

Canada science vaccine burn - 8462349824
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nature Canada deer brutal animals - 1919237

Canadian Nature Catastrophe Strikes: Oblivious Dude Gets Brutally Clocked By Sprinting Deer

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It's Got No Problem With Its Flow

viagra Canada toronto - 7074439680
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Canada twitter comedy funny police - 1719557

This Canadian Police Department's Tweets Are Instant Comedic Gold

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A Sorry a Second Keeps the Doctor Away

Canada twitter true facts failbook g rated - 8196296960
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Canada's Premier Modern Dance Company

Canada tampons - 7552193536
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Ever Wonder Why Geese Are the Absolute Worst?

Canada Fun Fact failbook - 8766854656
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How Wrong Can One Person be About Africa?

Canada facepalm geography - 8431260416
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Air Canada Doesn't Even Know How to Deal With the Crazies

conspiracy Canada twitter failbook g rated - 8158786048
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The State of Canada?

Canada FAIL geography polls - 4671492608
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The Canadians Always Have the Right Frame of Mind

Canada shoes design - 8378041856
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A Friendly Exchange

Canada friends witty reply - 4485505792
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