Canadian Pride Makes This Vaccination Rant Even Better

Canada science vaccine burn - 8462349824
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In Canada, Vaguebooking is Actually Effective

Canada drama relationships vaguebooking - 4412827392
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Canadians Are So Progressive They're Literally in the Future

Canada math time - 8327479808
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It's Time For You to Meet the Canadian Company With the Oddest Product Descriptions Around

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Canada, Right Up Your Butt

Canada facepalm america failbook - 8419543808
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nature Canada deer brutal animals - 1919237

Canadian Nature Catastrophe Strikes: Oblivious Dude Gets Brutally Clocked By Sprinting Deer

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It's the North Pole

Canada united states america geography states funny us states - 4937714944

Ever Wonder Why Geese Are the Absolute Worst?

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By echonymph

Moose Love Wins

Canada twitter LGBT - 8968830720
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That's A Completely Different Kind of Torture

Canada Sochi 2014 nickelback failbook g rated - 8057323008
By puddingpop5

Air Canada Doesn't Even Know How to Deal With the Crazies

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Guess the State!

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The State of Canada?

Canada FAIL geography polls - 4671492608
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Atlas Obscura Asks the Internet Why Canadians Say 'Eh' and Quality Entertainment Ensues

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Chris Brown Was Denied His Tour Dates in Canada, Drake's Fans Respond

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Pic of Canadian Flag with tweet about how 43% of Toronto residents have been boycotting Hamilton their entire lives - cover graphic for list of Tweets that perfectly reflect the stereotypes of being Canadian.

12 Funny Tweets That Perfectly Reflect Being Canadian

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