You Win This Maze, We All Lose

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I Might Have Made Things Weird Between Us

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Stories of times people were very misjudged | MAXIMILIAN-MV 32.6k points 3 days ago My ex wife convinced had another family another state. Simply because she heard kids voice background traveling work and sitting restaurant once. During divorce depositions once spent full day being questioned, and half questions were slightly different wordings so have another family/child/spouse/kid/dependent/etc.

Times People Were Awkwardly Misjudged

Assumptions can really mess things up.
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The Thirst is Real, and Stronger Than Ever

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Funny collection of cringe moments that will make you feel uncomfortable - cover images of horrible tattoo of a woman's baby and someone asks if it died because of how the date is written.

25 Funny Cringe Moments That'll Make Your Skin Crawl

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One Facebook Birthday Wish Quickly Escalated into the Ultimate Cringe Cake

facebook birthday wish becomes ultimate cringe
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You Want Some Splenda With Your Awkcchiato?

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Just When it Couldn't Get More Depressing, Grandma Shows Up

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Just Who I Didn't Want to See

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Aaaaaaaand BLOCKED

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Who's Going to Tell Them That They Don't Have Friends?

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Your Granddaughter is a Popular Pinterest Pic? Crazy!

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We Have a Great Deal on Awkward Situations Today

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DMs and pics full of cringe

12 Inexcusable Cringe Pics That'll Rock You To Your Troubled Core

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FAIL Awkward mail - 1869061

Mailman Fails Terribly, Leaves Package In the Worst Possible Place, But Pulls Through With Hilarious Note

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