Engrish Funny


What Else Can't The Dishwasher Do?

big dishwasher engrish sign - 6010888960
By Hayley

Don't Mind If I do

engrish enter place sign store - 5912780032
By Unknown

I'm Not So Sure This Is A Family Movie

China chinese engrish facebook film Movie picture - 6012270848
By Efroneous

Not Sure How That Helps The Sheep

engrish poison sheep sign - 5987437824
By Unknown

Racially Specific Toothpaste

engrish teeth toothpaste white - 6029800960
By meganeguard (Via twitter.com)

Only Softing Is Allowed

China chinese engrish loud quiet sign - 5979498496
By failxpert

The Pizza That Just Won't Go Away

engrish pizza restaurant shop STD store - 5954107392
By Unknown

Engrish Funny: Insert My What?

engrish engrish funny payment store - 6009366528
By Unknown

Engrish - It's As Fine As Wine

engrish fine Japan japanese slang street wine - 5981938944
By Unknown

Don't Stick It In Children

children engrish pen warning - 5983170304
By purplyish

Yeah, How Can You?!

anime eat engrish poop wtf - 5973094912
By Unknown

What Do We Want?

africa engrish Protest sign - 5967120640
By chemicallion

A New Trend -- Toilet Tourism

China chinese engrish map toilet - 5967138816
By Unknown

I Can Haz Cheeburger?

Cats cheeseburger cheezburger engrish shirt - 5944992512
By Stephail

No Passing Gas For The Next 16KM

car engrish fart road road sign sign - 5971333632
By Unknown

A Sign Found On The Intersection Of Herp Ave. and Derp St.

derp engrish german road sign sign stop - 5981713152
By Unknown