Engrish Funny


Smorkinng Is King

engrish Japan japanese sign smoking - 5947462912

Happy Bithday to You!

birthday engrish happy sign - 5948114176
Created by Mathleigh

The Taste Of This Pizza Can't Be Put Into Words

delicious engrish pizza restaurant - 5930633216
Created by maxdou

Please Don't Multiply By The Elevator

China chinese elevator engrish sign - 5939561728
Created by Unknown

Oh Yes, I Would Love Some Deeping Sauce With That

engrish food - 5931924736
Created by magicalawesomeness

I Always Wear Protective Eye wear When Doing 'Wark'

engrish hammer safety tool work - 5934125312
Created by Unknown

Engrish Vandals Strike

engrish - 5921541632
Created by Unknown

Better Than Xanax

engrish menu restaurant - 5926084096
Created by HoneyBee2280 ( Via www.indiapalaceonline.com )

The 'Foace' Is Strong In This One.

engrish plane toy - 5924857856
Created by Sivara

Prom Night Bathroom

baby engrish Hall of Fame sign trash - 5921845504
Created by Unknown

Ebeneezer Scrooge Get Lost

engrish pets shopping sign - 5927907328
Created by Dalziel

Never Has Herpes Been So Aromatic

engrish menu restaurant spanish - 5932811520
Created by GirEatsTacoJohns

Fruit Can Be Distracting

christian engrish Hall of Fame prayer sign - 5919522048
Created by Unknown

Destiny's Child Used To Shop Here

engrish mall store - 5907795200
Created by Unknown

Ear Cleaning AND Horoscope?...Sign Me Up

card engrish india - 5916370688
Via www.whiteindianhousewife.com

Engrish Funny: Don't Worry, I'll Sponsor You

engrish engrish funny Hall of Fame japanese Mexican - 5906962688
Created by Unknown