Dating Fails

Valentines day

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Cringe of the Day: These Messages From Real Dating Apps Will Make You Glad You are in a Relationship

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T-Rex Has a Lot of Love to Give

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Every Damn Year

fry forgot to get a girlfriend for valentine's day
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Poe Was Such a Romantic!

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What a Surprise

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Too Soon?

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Nick Cage Valentine's Cards Are Weird

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Proposition WIN

Ad billboard double entendre sign Valentines day - 5832553728
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Tesco Supermarkets are Ready to Get Weird This Valentine's Day

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Spend Today With the Ones That Truly Love You

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Well Why Didn't They Say So!

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Not Again!

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Even Dictators Need Love

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Kristen Stewart Is A Romanticalness Expert

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Now You Can Be Single AND Drunk!

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Love Is Out of This World

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