Dating Fails

Valentines day

Now That's a Sexy Valentine

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A Valentine Card Must Fit the Recipient Perfectly

a collection of weird valentine's day cards.
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It's About The Count That Thinks

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IKEA Monkey Wants to Be Your Valentine

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How You Know You've got a Great Girlfriend

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Form Is Important For Valentine's Day, But Everybody Wants The Same Thing

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For When You Like Them, But Don't Know If You LIKE-Like Them

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Someone's About to Have the Best Valentine's Day

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9 Lies to Get You Out of Your Crappy Valentine's Date

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Love the Way You Lie

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Honest Candy Hearts

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Domino's Pizza Tries to Make Heart-Shaped Pizza for Valentine's Day, Ends Up Dishing Out Spectacular Fail

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But You're Still Not Getting an Oscar

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True Facts About Valentine's Day

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Valentines Can Be Creepy

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Life Is Like This Particular Box of Chocolates

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