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It's All About Semantics

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True Love

Text - hobbit trailer comes on i say "i wanna see that" GF says "i know wanna see where you come from" Unlike Comment Share 7 minutes ago - You like this. HAHAHAHAHA BEST GF BURN EVER!!!!! 4 minutes ago Like /tumblr_miptwdBG1elqdcchso1_500.jpg tumblr_m1ptwdBG1e1qdcchso1_50o.jpg LEGEN WAITFORIT DARY

Blame the Cat

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If Someone Truly Loves You, They'll Buy You Chicken Nuggets

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You're My Life Now, Warehouse

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A Sketch In Two Acts About Everyone's One True Love: Touching Butts

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Punch Bug Love

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Troo Luv

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Every Video Gamer's Dream

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Yup, Not Gonna Happen

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Doesn't Matter Had Nutella

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Looks Like True Love to Me

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I Could Never Love A Real Woman The Way I Love You

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D-Cups Full Of Love

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Like This If You Creys Every Time

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I Take You To Be My Lawfully Delicious Burrito

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