Dating Fails


Must Be a Mommy's Girl

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True Love Is Only a Swipe Away

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Guy Accidentally Mass Texts 32 Girls on Tinder

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funny tinder convo

Guy Seizes Opportunity for Raunchy Joke Mid-Tinder Conversation, Smoothly Pulls off Delightful Pick up Line

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How to Get a Girl on TInder

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Game of Thrones Tinder Profiles

This is What it Would Probably Look Like if the Game of Thrones Characters Had Tinder Profiles

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Well, That's...Something

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tinder profiles of crazy people that are at least honest - cover image of girl who likes to be hang from ceiling sometimes.

12 Insane Tinder Profiles That Let You Know What You're Buying

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Hufflepuff on the Streets, but a Slytherin in the Sheets

headmaster tinder girl dumbledore
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funny tinder profiles memes

19 Funny Tinder Moments To Get You Through Your Loneliness

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What Do You Know, It's Not a Match

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The Most Honest Tinder Profile Pic of All Time

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Swipes Right

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A Nice Clean Rejection

he's a terrible flirt
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Eff You Too, Bro!

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