Dating Fails


Eff You Too, Bro!

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The Most Honest Tinder Profile Pic of All Time

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Tinder Look-a-Likes!

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10 Times Tinder's Craziness Left Us At A Loss For Words

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She's in the Illuminati

or she's in the x-files
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He Seems Like a Keeper

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Well, Look Who's on Tinder!

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tinder winning and failing moments

17 Tinder Wins and Fails That Swiped People off Their Feet

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The Secret Slime Action Is...

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Swipes Right

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This Person Wins Tinder

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married man's tinder bio written by wife

Wife Finds Husband's Tinder Profile, Proceeds to Make Hilarious Bio Rewrite

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Best of Tinder Week 2/22-2/27

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44 Hilarious Tinder WINs and FAILS From the Witty Singles of the World

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Love At First Wipe

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The Only App for the Desperate AND Judgmental

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