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patient lists mistress as emergency contact | Posted by u/eatapeach18 3 days ago called d my patient's mistress, but just doing told oc L This happened back 2009 working part time at doctor's office while nursing school one receptionists and did all filing and cataloguing and such boring work, but doctor (my boss) guaranteed job after nursing school so 's why did This particular doctor an orthopedic surgeon had lots patients coming MRIS, CT scans, and X-rays. This one particular patient, Frank

Patient Lists Their Mistress as Emergency Contact, Gets Exposed

It's a strange decision for sure.
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zing story funny - 7579598336
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tweets about creepy house

Twitter Story About A Married Couple And A Creepy House Is Straight Out Of A Horror Movie

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Is That Admissible in Court as a Confession?

911 story dating - 8977056768
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dating a stuck up dude

Classic Twitter Thread Describes Insufferable Failed Date with Pretentious Dude

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couple marries at store they met at

Couple Spent for Time Get Married Last Minute in the Grocery Store Where They Met

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Still the Greatest Sex Story Ever Written

this kid has a future in sex writing
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story sexy times - 82958337

The Dangers of Being a Sexy Lifeguard

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This Guy's Revenge on His Cheating Partner Was Perfectly Planned For a Lifetime of Regret

guy planned revenge on cheating partner by ruining relationship between them and their mother
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FAIL dinner date story rude dating - 8975465216
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marriage feels legos love story - 79486209

For His Wedding, This Dude Used LEGOs to Tell the Story of How He Met the Love of His Life

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