Dating Fails


Someone Clearly Doesn't Like Taking Sides

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Created by insectpins

Let Me Show You the Kiss of My People

kissing not the same prom - 6213395968
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Bryan Cranston Is a Good Guy

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Need Your Mother to Get You Your Prom Date?

wtf mother creepy prom funny dating - 8189873664
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Got To Set A Good Example For The Little Ones

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You'll Get a Date or a Restraining Order, That's the Risk

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She Said No...

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Created by TobitheFruit

Dad is REALLY Protective

guns dad prom - 7026094336
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Weirdest Promposal Ever

proposals facebook prom - 8013565952
Created by shellzilla

The Prom Theme Was "Stairway to Loneliness"

forever alone prom - 7456839168
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Well Gosh, What a Swell Date!

Sarah Palin high school prom - 7460435200
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The Cake of Friendzone

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Someone is Going to Figure This Shirt Out Sooner Rather Than Later

shirt pr0n prom - 7471410432
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He Told Me He Was Going to Med School

comic gynecologist prom rage comic We Are Dating - 5098556672

A Yule Ball to Remember

school nerdgasm prom funny - 7545374720
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Taking Your Girl to the Winter Dance Can Be Dangerous

dancing school dad shotgun prom winter funny - 8404207872
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