Dating Fails


Pink, We Need to Remind You of Something...

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Young Love Just Warms Your Heart. And Blackens Your Lungs.

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Parents Are Getting Really Protective

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Her Date Was a Bit Stiff at First, but it All Worked Out in the End

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The Worst Way to Ask Your Boyfriend to Prom

not sure if clever or racist
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proposal prom Video dating - 71015681

Promposal of the Day: Guy Asks Girlfriend to Prom By Jumping Out of a Plane

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Go to Rpmo With Me?

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She Said No...

sign wtf prom funny - 8145883392
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A Yule Ball to Remember

school nerdgasm prom funny - 7545374720
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Turtle for Sale After Failed Prom Proposal

Craigslist ad of a turtle for sale that someone wrote PROM? on in order to ask a girl out but it didn't work.
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wtf kfc prom funny dating - 60134913

The World's Greatest Corsage

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Irish People Watch Prom Proposals for the First Time, and Their Reactions Are Golden

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Taking Your Girl to the Winter Dance Can Be Dangerous

dancing school dad shotgun prom winter funny - 8404207872
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Ready for Prom!

FAIL prom dating - 8797941504
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Everyone Likes Pizza

pizza prom - 7400301568
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Let Me Show You the Kiss of My People

kissing not the same prom - 6213395968
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