Dating Fails


We Also Recommend Not Talking to Him

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Something About This Is Just Creepy

wtf creepy profile purple funny - 8405304320
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This Kid Has a Dating Profile

Picture of a kid and his mom on his dating profile.
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The Most Honest Tinder Profile Pic of All Time

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WHY Would You Use This as Your Main Pic?

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Elmo Is My Favorite Pusher

child children profile troll underage We Are Dating - 5219110144
By Unknown

Yeah, No Pressure at All

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I've Found the Perfect Woman

dating sites ok cupid profile We Are Dating - 5176620032
By Violet

Not Sure She Really Understands Pirates

tinder profile online dating funny - 8210287872
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Into the Wormhole

dating sites ok cupid profile profile picture vagina We Are Dating - 5439119104
By Unknown

This Is Why I Keep My Profile Vague

profile online dating funny - 8396975872
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Amy Poehler nerd online dating profile - 31444737

The Master Of Online Dating

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Now That's an Ancient Dating Profile

tinder profile online dating funny dating - 8381640960
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10 Bucks Says He's From New Jersey

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By Unknown

Who Taught You English?

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By Gingerxt

Sorry Luke, It's True

wtf tinder profile Party online dating funny - 8387614464
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