Dating Fails

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The Prettiest Pete's Cheezy Joke Completely Backfired

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A Smooth Rejection by This News Anchor

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Using a Calculator to Get Sex

high schoolers are super smooth sex persons
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Tinder Pickup Lines Are Always Classy

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I'd Like to Solve Her Equations!

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Forget The T and A, He's All About The S

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This Old Pickup Line Might Work Someday

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That's a Hell of a Pick Up Line

I need to get a flat screen mirror
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I Think You Meant

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Weatherman Pickup Lines

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wild tinder fails that you never saw coming

Wildly Unexpected Tinder Pickup Lines That Spotlight Tinder for the Circus That It Is

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That Could Have Gone Better

that escalated quickly
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savage breakups

15 Incredibly Savage Break Up Lines

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Timeless Pickup Lines

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Picking Up Chicks Is Tough

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