Dating Fails

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Putting Your Pickup Lines to the Test

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Good Lines Can Come From Anywhere

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The Truth Hurts

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You do You

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15 Incredibly Savage Break Up Lines

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Apparently Beavers Are Pretty Smooth

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Dude, She's Hitting on You...

you look like she needs a drink?
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These Thanksgiving Pickup Lines Are Perfect for Little Pilgrims Looking for Love

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Your Heart Cost 99 Cents?

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Take A Peek Under The Hood

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Behold! The World's Greatest Pickup Line

I see your dress is wet, do you have underwear to match?
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Who Knew This Would Work?!

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Women Love Math

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Using a Calculator to Get Sex

high schoolers are super smooth sex persons
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wild tinder fails that you never saw coming

Wildly Unexpected Tinder Pickup Lines That Spotlight Tinder for the Circus That It Is

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Wild moments from the Tinder dating app that show off how ridiculous people can be.

14 Wild Tinder Moments That Spotlight Craziness of Modern Day Dating World

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