Dating Fails


relationship tweets about the perils of dating including being single or married

Funniest Relationship Tweets We Scrolled Past This Week

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That's Messed Up

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Via @Sassafrantz
beer wife parenting dad reaction Video - 69713921

This Guy Isn't Super Stoked to Hear His Wife's Pregnant

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It's All About Communication

children gay marriage louis ck parenting stand up - 5622138880
By Unknown

The Dad's Rules for Daughter Dating

If he sticks to rule number 10, he's going to be kissing you a lot.
Via Clay 625

Determined Dad Put A "Wife Wanted" Ad in the Paper for His 48-Year-Old Son

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Via Fox News

This Twelve-Year-Old Knows What's Up...

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Via MsMissMrsYou

A Not So Subtle Hint to Cut it the Hell Out

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By BlackAnarchy

She's Just Trying to Help

Via @crazyjewishmom
wife prepares sign for husband traveling to las vegas

This Wife's Sign For Her Husband's First Vegas Trip is #RelationshipGoals

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Not Even Awkward

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Via izismile
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5-Year-Old Shares His Struggle Tryin' to Juggle Three Girlfriends

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The Pauses Between the Words Make All the Difference

growing up parenting rejection We Are Dating - 5259009280

We've Got a Legend in the Making Here

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By Unknown

"Look, Honey! Some Positions Our Son Has Recommended for Us!"

comic cosmo magazine parenting rage comic sex sex tips We Are Dating - 5339780864

Hurried Phone Call, Frantic Cries of "Ewww, Gross, Why Did You Do That"

comic parenting rage comic sex ed troll dad - 5243600896
By Unknown