Dating Fails


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Mom Goes Ape Sh*t on Her Son for Stupid, Mildly Sexist Facebook Post

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These Future Parents Get a Terrifying Glimpse at What Their Future Kids Might Look Like

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Thanks, Mom...

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Mother and Son Face Jail Time for Their Forbidden Love Affair

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Hurried Phone Call, Frantic Cries of "Ewww, Gross, Why Did You Do That"

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That Profile Pic, Though

kid walks in on parents having sex dad delivers perfect response
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5-Year-Old Shares His Struggle Tryin' to Juggle Three Girlfriends

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Parenting of the Future

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Nerdy and Looking for Love

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Savage Dad Uses Memes to Shut Down Thirsty Kid Trying to Chat Up His Daughter

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Sending Revenge Nudes is Never a Good Idea, Especially To Your Ex's Teenage Son

funny fail image woman arrested after sending revenge nudes to ex's teenage son
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Wine Not Have Kids?

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Louis CK Shares His Struggle of Raising Two Daughters

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Eye Bleach Wouldn't Be Strong Enough for These Horrible Incidents of Catching Your Parents Getting Freak Nasty

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Joseph Gordon-Levitt Wants a Sexy Motha

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Funny memes about parenting, having kids | my kid threatens not talk rest day Jon Hamm laughing | my kid trips over toy asked him pick up 100 times Justin Timberlake giggling

Parenting Memes For Anyone Who's Considered Putting Their Kids Up For Adoption

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