Dating Fails


Nerdy and Looking for Love

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Remember Kids, Always Ask For Parental Permission Before Signing Up For Tinder

funny parenting fail underage girl on tinder gets busted by parents
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Sorry, Not Sorry

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We've Got a Legend in the Making Here

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If Your Love Note Game isn't This Sweet, it's Weaker Than a Fifth-Grader's

funny dating image 5th grader gets sweetest love note of all time
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Social Media is the Perfect Place for Not-The-Baby-Daddy Drama

Social Media is the Perfect Place for Not-The-Baby-Daddy Drama
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This Jewish Mother Has Absolutely Zero Chill About Wanting Her Daughter To Get Married

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Stepdad realizes that his son snuck a girl into the house after hours, and live tweets the experience | tweet by Tricky-D @DropsNoPanties So, my stepson has girl upstairs his room stayed night and my wife doesn't know yet curious on he plans smuggle her out now whole family is awake and now wait.

Live Tweet: Son Sneaks Girl Into House, Stepdad Finds Out

A true rite of passage.
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A Not So Subtle Hint to Cut it the Hell Out

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I Have No Regrets


She's Just Trying to Help

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Mom Approves

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Pregnant Woman Covers Town In Graffiti To Try And Get Absent Baby Daddy To Call Her

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Don't Worry, Dad

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funny kids walking in on parents

Eye Bleach Wouldn't Be Strong Enough for These Horrible Incidents of Catching Your Parents Getting Freak Nasty

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FAIL parenting wedding Video - 78676481

A Real Kodak Moment of Stealing the Spotlight

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