Dating Fails


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Paralyzed Dad Uses Robotic Suit to Walk His Daughter down the Aisle

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A Not So Subtle Hint to Cut it the Hell Out

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He's Never Coming Back, Mom

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When This Mom Ruins Her Son's Netflix and Chill, He Loses His Chill

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After This Mom Finds His Son With a Girl, She Puts Them on Blast With the Biggest Cockblock Move of 2016

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Flirting Game Needs a Little Work

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One Brave Man Shares All the Buzzwords Every Man Should Never Mention While in a Relationship

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Louis CK Shares His Struggle of Raising Two Daughters

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Daddy Issues All Around

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A Suggestion

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Oklahoma Man Calls His Mom "Worthless" After She Marries Her Own Daughter Who Was Already Divorced From Her Son

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Remember Kids, Always Ask For Parental Permission Before Signing Up For Tinder

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Those Eyes Don't Lie

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It's All About Communication

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Using Tinder to Get the Family Back Together

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This Jewish Mother Has Absolutely Zero Chill About Wanting Her Daughter To Get Married

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