Dating Fails

ok cupid

Nope, Can't Say I Have

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Via Blame as Part a Me

Those Who Know Don't Speak, Those Who Speak Don't Know

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As Loose and Casual as My Mullet

dating site Hall of Fame manly mullet ok cupid profile - 5312276736
By Unknown

Your Profile Pic Is a True Expression of Your Inner-Self

Your profile pic should not be of a pile of 20 dollar bills
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Raise Your Hand if You're On an FBI Watch List!

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By Unknown

It's the Battle You Can Never Win

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By Unknown

Dream Big!

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By Unknown

OK Cupid is Full of Normal, Functional People!

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By FrauAdal

Dating on the Fast Track

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By babysnakes

There's Always the "Meet People in the Real World" Option as Well

ok cupid online dating vicious cycle - 6213089792
By Unknown

Cupid vs. OkCupid

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By salterjm

I Love Boosting Other People's Self-Esteem Unless They're Genetic Doggerel

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Twelve-Year-Olds on OK Cupid

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By theimaginaryduck

Well This Just Got Weird

dating sites ok cupid - 6505266176
Via I Probably Won't Like You

I've Found the Perfect Woman

dating sites ok cupid profile We Are Dating - 5176620032
By Violet

Online Dating Follies

comic fat Hall of Fame ok cupid online dating rage comic run away - 5050657792
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