Dating Fails

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When Can We All Agree to Never Use Pick-Up Lines Ever?

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Created by KupoKupo

As Loose and Casual as My Mullet

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Created by Unknown

Dream Big!

dream big ok cupid - 6332152576
Created by Unknown

A Little Too Honest

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Created by thedarkparadox

You Can't Be a Real Person

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Created by Unknown

Still Not Getting the Message

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Created by Heather

Well, at Least He's Not Hitting on You

daughter funny online dating ok cupid - 8197121536
Via F**k Nah Ok Cupid

It Took Awhile for Shakespeare to Hit It Big, Too

dating sites ok cupid poetry spam We Are Dating - 5494914816
Created by Charlie

Cupid vs. OkCupid

wtf eww cupid funny ok cupid - 8099454976
Created by salterjm

When Did "Hello" Become Obsolete?

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Created by chrissyjones

Nope, Can't Say I Have

funny wtf ok cupid - 8183119360
Via Blame as Part a Me

Those Who Know Don't Speak, Those Who Speak Don't Know

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Via GraphJam

Problem Solved.

ok cupid problem solved - 6124466432
Created by Unknown

Jobs for Shinobis Are Scarce Right Now

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Created by Squirrellllly

It's the Battle You Can Never Win

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Created by Unknown

Ah, Takes Me Back

feelings ok cupid sexy times - 5651403520
Created by Unknown
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