Dating Fails

ok cupid

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7 Guys You Meet on OK Cupid

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I'm Guessing You're Smart?

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By sore loser

You Seriously Don't Get It?

dating sites grammar ok cupid - 6506221824
By angel665b

Beware Extreme Close Ups

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By Unknown

Problem Solved.

ok cupid problem solved - 6124466432
By Unknown

Scumbag Brain: Sees What It Desperately Desperately Wants

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By chihuahua_mark (Via

Just Wait Until You Go To Imaginary Court for the Custody Battle

ok cupid - 5902395136
By Unknown

Definitely Dating Material

private ok cupid - 6961095680
By Unknown

Raise Your Hand if You're On an FBI Watch List!

ok cupid - 6378361344
By Unknown

Have They Changed the Definition of "Athletic" Since I Last Checked?

dating sites ok cupid - 6604687360
By Gcustoms

When Did "Hello" Become Obsolete?

breasts dating site ok cupid pickup line We Are Dating - 5272041984
By chrissyjones

Kristen Stewart is Moving On I Guess

dating profile dating sites kristen stewart ok cupid - 6493246720
By Jessica Kelly (Via I Probably Won't Like You)

Dating on the Fast Track

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By babysnakes

Always Go Shirtless

wtf online dating funny ok cupid dating - 8166978560
By Unknown

Your Profile Pic Is a True Expression of Your Inner-Self

Your profile pic should not be of a pile of 20 dollar bills
Via You So Creepy
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Think of All the Obsessive Hand-Washing You Can Do Together!

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