Dating Fails

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Some Guy Wanted to See if the Extenz Was Working

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Give Your Girlfriend a Hint This Valentine's Day

no no tubes chocolate funny Valentines day - 8042747648
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One That Has a Doctorate

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The Fertility Chair

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LIke a Bunch of Uncooked Dough

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Show the Ladies Your Inchworm

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She Does Love Sausage

funny no no tubes sign wife sausage - 8304415488
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You Got Me One Sock for Christmas...Wait...Oh.

A weiner cozy for christmas
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Always Worth Having on Hand

funny no no tubes soap - 8326144256
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Quick to the Bae-Mobile

no no tubes batman sexy times funny - 8463850240
Created by Unknown

When You're All Out of Wang

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The Division Is Real

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Created by anselmbe

The Folly of Youth

no no tubes funny - 8038450944
Created by Unknown
men no no tubes women whiskey - 64649985

Ladies Worry About the Silliest Things

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It's Good to Be Upfront About Certain Things

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Via Lynn Who

He's Probably a Huge Ass

no no tubes t shirts jerk funny dating - 8273701632
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