Dating Fails

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A Real Concern for Men

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Some Naughty Pics Indeed!

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Wang Vs. Brain-FIGHT!

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She Does Love Sausage

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LIke a Bunch of Uncooked Dough

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You're Probably Not That Big

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Don't Worry About How Much You're Packin'

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Some Guy Wanted to See if the Extenz Was Working

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It's a Better Name Than Wilting Flower

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How Much is Each State Packing?

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Size Is Perspective

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If You're Talking to Linus, It Means You're Into Dudes


So That's Why She's Single

she's not too picky
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This Sex Toy Was Going for $2,500,000.00 on Ebay!!!

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The Numbers Don't Lie...

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Those Are Some Sexy Pics

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