Dating Fails


Anything But That!

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Apparently People Really Wanted to Submit to This Movie

50 shades of grey is really this popular? or do people just want an excuse to see pr0n?
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I'd See the Hell Out of This Movie

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There Doesn't Seem to Be Any Comments Yet

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5 Movies to Avoid Watching on Valentine's Day

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"Eeeeev... aah"

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Clever Girl Baits and Hooks Tinder Match On Believing Her Brother Was Taken Hostage By Using ‘Finding Nemo’ Plot

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Cleaning a Theater After a Showing of 50 Shades of Grey

they just left their cucumbers?
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D'awwwww Ryan Gosling D'awwwwwww

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Spend Today With the Ones That Truly Love You

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It's Easy!

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The Real Netflix and Chill

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Too Mean, Netflix. TOO MEAN.

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This Is the Only Reason "The Notebook" Was Created

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But There Are Plenty More Chances to Get Popcorn

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