Dating Fails


And an Unassigned Variable "U" to Boot? That's Just Wrong

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One Math Love Story Plus Another Math Love Story

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Women Love Math

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statistics what are the odds to meet your soulmate

Guy Does the Sad Math on the Odds of Finding His Soulmate

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F*ck Bitches, Do Maths

Hall of Fame hot math nerd - 5412376576
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The Mathematician's Curse

sad but true science math web comics - 8437768448
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Some Guys Use Math to Help Them Get Dates

roofie 40% of the drinks
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Time To Find Someone More On Your Plane

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It's Worked Before

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Adult Star Is on the Cover of a Math Textbook?

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Guess Not

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The Pick-Up Live Equation

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Sex dx Ex

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My Love Life Is A Zero-Sum Equation

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Ask Her If She's Good at Anatomy...

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I Never Liked Math

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