Dating Fails


Ask Her If She's Good at Anatomy...

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Math Flirting Never Goes as Planned

love reality math dating - 8760847616
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In a Band? Here's Some Simple Math

Music Chart math musicians dating fails g rated - 7472229120
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One Math Love Story Plus Another Math Love Story

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I Know My Calculus

comic math rage comic We Are Dating - 5351451904

The Love Equation

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Adult Star Is on the Cover of a Math Textbook?

Sexy Ladies textbook pr0n math funny dating - 8319249664
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SoCaToa How You Doing Today?

Hall of Fame looking math sexy test - 5394499840
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Time To Find Someone More On Your Plane

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Imaginary Numbers, Imaginary Girlfriends

forever alone math - 7975316480
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Moving On Is as Hard as Dividing by Zero

ex Hall of Fame math obsessed stuck - 5141713920
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Lay Those Differentials Down by the Fire

comic nerds flirting seduction math - 8007949312
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statistics what are the odds to meet your soulmate

Guy Does the Sad Math on the Odds of Finding His Soulmate

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Isosceles What You Did There

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algebra math rage comic role play teacher We Are Dating - 5522632192
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nerds math funny Valentines day - 58491137

Valentine's for Math Nerds

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