Dating Fails


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After 57 Years of Marriage, This Couple Got a 'The Notebook' Inspired Photoshoot and It's Realer Than the Tears Already Welling-Up in Your Eyes

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Babies Hate Love

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Relationships, They're a Day-to-Day Affair

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Someone Has Created Precious, Wholesome Memes and It Feels Like Ralph Wiggum Started a Tumblr Blog

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How Else Do You Show Love?

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Forbidden Love

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These Tears Are Not Nearly as Joyous as I Imagined

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Proposal by a Paramedic to Woman Whose Life He Saved

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Dr. Seuss Had it Right

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Not ACTUAL Butterflies

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Adult Breastfeeding Relationships Are a Thing and These Two Are Madly in Love

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No One Understands Me But You

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It's a Strange Double Standard

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Is Love an Instinct?

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Alec Baldwin's Love Ride

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I Need This Guy's Number

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