Dating Fails


Relationships Are About Compromise

he's got a wonderful wife
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You May Have Some Issues

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Alec Baldwin's Love Ride

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Form Is Important For Valentine's Day, But Everybody Wants The Same Thing

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This Is What True Love Looks Like

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Now That's Love

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Choose Option D

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Flirty and funny memes about dating, relationships, boyfriends, girlfriends, flirting, love. | Man -  bae tells mediocre joke but have similar per | sonalities and humour so both find hilarious | Light bulb - are an LED bulb? cause bright

17 Fun And Flirty Memes For When You're Feeling Romantic

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An Intense Love

use kanye to express love this valentine's day
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How Else Do You Show Love?

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The Awful Awful Truth

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Yep, That's Exactly What it Is

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What Is Love?

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Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

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Your Love Is Unbreakable

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So That's How It Happened

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