Dating Fails


No One Likes You...

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Sexy webcam girl suffers terrible shark cage failure on live broadcast stream.

Sexy Webcam Girl With Terrible Shark Cage Idea Suffers Terrible FAIL On Live Broadcast

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It's All Smoke and Monitors

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It's Best Just to Play it Cool

She's clearly experienced for her first time
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You Just Can't Help Yourself

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That's Almost Adorable

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Everyone's Probably Heard This Conversation Before

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Contradictory Crush

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What Should You Get Her For Valentine's Day?

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You Tell 'Em!

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6 Ways to Get Girls

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Just How Old Is She?

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My Ex Was Like The Ring, Only The Fires Of Mordor Could Kill Her

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Don't Worry About it Dude She's Not That Into You.

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I Wouldn't Call This Circle a Vicious Circle

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Girls Can Be Icky

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