Dating Fails


Ohh, THAT'S What Happens When Girls Fart

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Girls Just Want to Have Fun

girls infographic funny dating - 8122023680
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Cheaper Than The Grocery Store

dating free girls quote Words Of Wisdom - 5598380288
By anselmbe

It's a Truly Vicious Cycle

vicious cycle bathroom girls - 6822668800
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videos girls Valentines day - 47310081

What Should You Get Her For Valentine's Day?

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That Awkward Moment Your Group Text About the Crazy Chick Gets Sent to the Crazy Chick

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I Hope You've Learned Something Here

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age asian girls funny Video - 69860097

Just How Old Is She?

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I've Found My Perfect Match!

girl likes tiny wieners
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And So The Conspiracy is Revealed

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By Unknown

This Is a Thing?

wtf girls funny - 8387072000
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My Ex Was Like The Ring, Only The Fires Of Mordor Could Kill Her

Boromir communication girls texting thinking - 5716120320
By Unknown
guy recreates girl's tinder photos

This Australian Guy Recreates Women's Tinder Profile Pics With Hilarious Results

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girls quote sketch s-t-girls-say Words Of Wisdom - 31347713

Everyone's Probably Heard This Conversation Before

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Netflix and Brood

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It's Best Just to Play it Cool

She's clearly experienced for her first time
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